Talentium Foundation – Our mission

Since its establishment, the Talentium Foundation has deliberately not requested or received any subsidies from either the public budget or grants and programmes of the European Union, and is funded exclusively from private funds.

Long-term support of children from children’s homes – online programming courses

The mission of the Talentium Foundation is to provide individual long-term support to talented and motivated children from children’s homes in the Czech Republic who are interested in taking a programming course.

Our wish is to ensure that talented children to whom these courses bring joy and who want to keep developing these skills will have the opportunity to do so.

Talentium wants to support them on this journey, either through financial support for specific courses, by purchasing the necessary IT equipment or by providing individual consultations (particularly for older children) about their career options and future development goals where we might direct them to specific companies or help them start working, for example through internships.

We want to focus on long-term support to ensure that the children can continue in this field and work in it in the future, for example as programmers of various applications.

We believe that this can help them stand on their own two feet once they leave the children’s home.

An individual mentoring programme that helps students choose internships, gain practical experience and secure part-time jobs.

The mission of the Talentium Foundation is to assist and support talented students in obtaining their first internship or work experience, with Talentium acting as a guide and mentor for students demonstrating exceptional talent or motivation in a particular field.

Talentium recruits and supports talented university and secondary school students by creating and providing professional student internships, apprenticeships and part-time jobs with reputable international and local companies during their studies.

The Talentium Foundation systematically prepares selected students not only for professional internships, but also for their future first job or professional career. With Talentium mentors, the foundation provides these students with comprehensive HR advice on an individual basis, including CV preparation, career counselling and interview coaching.

The Talentium Foundation provides students with an individual mentoring programme in which they receive comprehensive advice not only for possible hiring for their dream job, i.e. creating a CV and preparing for interviews, but also further follow-up career advice during their internship or traineeship.

For students lacking sufficient financial resources and facilities, the Talentium Foundation provides professional equipment and technology, including HW/SW and other equipment needed for developing talent in their field or for their training.

The Talentium Foundation's vision for the future is to provide, on a completely individual basis, scholarships abroad, international student exchanges and internships to the most talented students directly at the headquarters of global companies so that they have the best chance to make the most of their talents and gifts in the future in self-development and gaining first-hand experience from leaders in their field.

The Talentium Foundation also aims to help companies find the right people for open positions and enable them to establish professional relationships with the best students interested in their field.


• The Talentium Foundation organises professional internships in the Czech Republic and abroad for university and secondary school students. Internships are intended for students interested in a particular field and specialisation.
The Talentium Foundation has announced a selection procedure in the year 2023 Internships programme for 100 university students in the Czech Republic and their participation in professional internships at selected reputable companies and organisations during the first half of the year, beginning in January 2023. Internships will be on a monthly or six-month basis, always by individual agreement; they may also take the form of part-time work.

• Conditions for participating in the selection procedure of the year 2023 Internship programme:
1) student at a university in the Czech Republic
2) 18 years of age and older
3) active knowledge of English or German
4) registration and CV in PDF
5) cover letter in Czech, English or German emphasising the field of study and area of interest


• University students who register and are selected for the first round of the selection process will be contacted individually and invited for an online interview.

• In the next round a meeting and personal interview will take place in Prague with HR specialists and representatives of the Talentium Foundation.

• The Talentium Foundation emphasises that the main criteria for selecting students are not their grades and school evaluations, but rather their interest and motivation in the field of study and their talent, diligence and industriousness, and their interest in learning more through practice in the field. At the same time, the students’ overall presentation and their reliability and responsibility will be taken into account.

• The aim of the Talentium Foundation is to provide students with highly relevant work experience during their studies so that their transition from school to the professional environment is as smooth as possible.

• Students selected for the year 2023 Internship programme will be assigned a mentor from their field of study with whom they will work on their preparation before and during the internship.


• The Talentium Foundation is open to cooperation with proven mentors.

• Mentors participating in the internship programme must meet the following basic criteria:
1) provide professional services and be reliable
2) submit specific recent references
3) propose a timetable and plan for mentoring interns (specific days/hours)
4) indicate the price for the service provided, unless the work is to be pro bono

• If these basic criteria are met, the Talentium Foundation will select specific mentors while simultaneously choosing suitable interns for mentoring from the list of registered students and introduce them to each other at an informational meeting.

For more information and to apply for the programme as a mentor, please contact the Talentium Foundation here.


• The Talentium Foundation cooperates with proven companies, organisations and research institutes both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Companies participating in the internship programme for selected talented university and secondary school students must meet the following basic criteria:
1) offer at least one specific position for an intern
2) offer a professional environment and facilities for interns
3) enable close cooperation between interns and company employees (Talentium enters into bilateral non-disclosure agreements)
4) the company selects a specific person to mentor the intern or selects an employee with whom the intern will work on a regular basis on a “shadowing” basis
If these basic criteria are met, the Talentium Foundation will select suitable candidates for an internship at a specific company from the list of students who have applied and present them with a CV and recommendation, including examples of their work, portfolios, etc.
The companies and partners of the Talentium Foundation will have the opportunity to sign employment contracts or work performance agreements with these students/interns.

For more information and to sign your company up for the programme, please contact the Talentium Foundation here.

Partners and donors

• The Talentium Foundation accepts financial and material donations from companies and private individuals, including in the form of services.

• Companies working with the Talentium Foundation are guaranteed access to the best students and interns and the next generation of potential employees, whom they can then nurture on their own.

• Partner companies receive appropriate publicity and PR support from the Talentium Foundation, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, including in print, TV and other digital media.

For more information and to sign your company up for the programme, please contact the Talentium Foundation here.

Founder – Martin Rebstöck

Martin Rebstöck, the founder and chairman of the administrative board of the Talentium Foundation, has been a headhunter and consultant at REBSTÖCK CONSULTING for most of his professional life, selecting professionals from all over the world for top international companies – from the USA and Canada to Europe, India, Japan and Australia, across fields of technology, as well as in art, film and music.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Martin Rebstöck left for the USA as a top student to study and work in the early 1990s, thanks to his parents, Dr. Radovan and Libuše Rebstöck, and a Swiss scholarship from the Fountain de la Grave family. In America, he was given a home by William and Shirley Karban. After successfully completing his studies at university, he worked for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the HR/human resources representative at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of Central Banks in Prague. He then moved back to New York City, where he founded and ran an IT start-up company and later worked for one of the world's first companies developing software for mobile phones and multimedia content distribution – before the advent of smartphones and the iPhone. He is an innovator, inventor and holder of patents granted in the US in the field of telecommunications and user software.

Rebstöck is also an initiator and innovator in other areas of public life, e.g. in 2017 he proposed to the City of Prague the concept and integration of two completely new sky tram routes to the ZOO as part of public transport to make travelling to a place with nearly two million visitors a year more interesting and environmentally friendly and to improve the situation in Prague-Troja. He also successfully initiated and designed the concept and implementation of protected bicycle parking for primary school pupils in Prague 8.

In his daily work, Rebstöck has brought together professionals from all different fields, countries and continents, sometimes for the pure joy of it, introducing the best professionals from diverse fields to each other, as well as musicians, filmmakers and producers from film studios in Hollywood, California, Japan, Switzerland, Finland and other countries, including the most famous names and personalities in the Czech Republic. Over the past twenty years, he has met many people – experienced professionals and students alike – who have been inspired by his approach and openness, and in many cases he has advised them as a mentor on where to go in their future careers.

Rebstöck's motivation for founding Talentium was to offer talented young people and students a wide range of opportunities, choice and professional training and internships at international but also Czech companies, allowing them to try real work systematically at a young age during their studies. In this natural way, young people can get a better idea of work activities, responsibilities and everyday work in the field they are studying at university or secondary school. He would also like to make the system of established school internships more efficient and attractive, as for many students they are merely an uninteresting and boring obligation and for companies just a formality that is often a burden. The purpose and scope of Talentium is to bring young people individually – on the basis of their talent and motivation – to specific companies and institutions that will be interested in them in the long term and then employ them after graduation. The future goal of Rebstöck and the Talentium Foundation is to select talented students and provide them with scholarships to study at prestigious universities abroad.

Martin Rebstöck, the founder and chairman of the administrative board of the Talentium Foundation, devotes one-third of his professional and private time to the management of the Talentium Foundation and the selection and mentoring of students. He works exclusively and completely free of charge (pro bono) for Talentium and donates his own money to the operation of Talentium and the scholarships.

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